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There you go! Website: check; Elance Account: check; Linked in Account: check; Ready with proposals: check; Learned the basics: check; Equipment and Resources : check.

Step 2: I think I’ve got all my basic needs to start my career as a homebee (i thought to myself one day after getting everything prepared to get me ready to land my first job at elance). One thing that I forgot to check is my emotional preparedness. I wish that most of you will agree if not all that your emotional preparedness is the key ingredient to your success.

One Saturday, I used all my elance credits to send as many proposals as I can. I made sure that all my proposals are of course only to those that I am confident that I can fulfill and deliver. I gave my best shots in showcasing my ability and skills with crossed fingers while submitting my proposals. Minutes and minutes I will refresh my screen just to see if anyone even noticed my application. I mean, I could easily be overlooked. Or I could simply be not interesting for the employers. Big and small companies also bids to the opened jobs and you can see may applicants with years and credible experiences. Who is going to give me a chance is just one question that just don’t want to leave my thoughts. I had no luck in getting any response on that day and I’ve maxed out my e-lance credit so I was then left to be contented hitting f5 to refresh and refresh my screen while browsing through the net for random stuff.

One saturday, I used all my elance credits to send as many proposals as I can. I made sure that all my proposals are of course only to those that I am confident that I can fulfill and deliver.

Next day, It was Sunday and a good day to take some rest since its my rest day from work. I went out completely forgot about the applications I made online. As soon as I got home, i reached through my laptop and connected to the internet to check my facebook news feed. I checked my work e-mail to see if there are some urgent requests from the boss as well. I stood up to go and grabbed a glass of a cold water and refreshed myself with it. After then, I went to my room and rested myself. It was almost evening when I decided to go online again. And this time I took time to check my e-lance application.

Oh my God! It was an awe! I’ve got messages! messagerecvdI am so overwhelmed to see the red little noticons inviting me to click the little envelope icon a little below them. I clicked the envelope and I went bizaare!. Haha I’m sure my face was priceless cause of the surprise. I’m glad there’s no cctv camera. There’s no evidence how I went crazy over 1 message. One message that doesnt even look personalized at all. It looks like it was a general message sent to everyone who submitted bids. But I got so excited! I responded to the message sent to me and in just few minutes I got another message from my “potential” first employer. Few more exchange of messages happened and thing went to details. From references I can showcase to give him confidence that I am the perfect applicant to the details of the work and the working hour availability. My heart beat pounded harder than the usual. And my finger!? My fingers, for some reason, trembles. It is so funny cause I am very cautious on what to say. What to type. How to compose my sentences. I need to give my best foot forward. But I am glad I am prepared. Prepared for this first job. Emotionally ready and more than happy that I am ready to take the challenge of the home based world. I will push for this. I will make this happen!”

Could this be it? Could this be my first job? Almost but not quite. Im not losing hope. The Job has not yet been awarded.

Dont worry guys! I will keep you posted…

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